Stop The Difference

March 11th, 2020

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John 10:31-42

Spot the difference puzzles can either be a fun challenge or an infuriating task. If you enjoy working with details, especially minute ones, then you may find these to your liking. However, if you describe yourself as a “big picture person,” you may avoid these puzzles at all costs.

People of all kinds were struggling with Jesus—who was He and why was He here? Some believed He was a good teacher, others were convinced He could answer all their earthly needs, still others thought Jesus would overthrow the Roman Empire, and the religious leaders believed He was a heretic. No matter what the people thought, Jesus was none of those things. What they failed to see was that Jesus is God and even of the same substance.

Have we failed to see the evidences of God in our lives, churches, and communities? Where is God working in our midst that we may go and join Him, being His hands and feet? In order to do that, we must open our eyes and our hearts to God’s call.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson

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