Everyone Has A Calling

January 21st, 2020

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Amos 2:9-16

At the beginning of many Bible stories we are introduced to an individual who would be our last choice for anything but the lowly place they were currently assigned. Yet as the story progresses, we see God using this person whose only qualification the world could see was availability.

“The LORD roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem; the pastures of the shepherds dry up, and the top of Carmel withers” (Amos 1:2). Amos didn’t receive the still small voice of Elijah’s encounter. He received the shout of the Lord with a voice that could make the mountains wither.

Whether it was with a roar or small whisper, we are led by those who have accepted God’s call to ministry just like Amos. God called; they obeyed.

Those not called into formal ministry have a part in this as well. God’s call on our lives is to honor and respect His chosen leaders. Paul said to “acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you” (1 Thessalonians 5:12). Let us all be obedient like Amos.

Author: Patty Craft

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