Obstacle Course

December 29th, 2019

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Revelation 21:15-27

There is a game that many youth groups have played. A volunteer leaves the room and the group creates an “obstacle course” by flipping over chairs and creating general chaos. Then the volunteer returns blindfolded and has to navigate the course.  Hilarity ensues as the brave volunteer inches her way across the room, bumping into a desk here, nudging a chair there.

Right now Christians navigate the world in much the same way.  We move through life trying to be cautious and not bump into anything. A light would sure help! The glimpses we see of Christ in our world do light our way, but eternity is so much different! The light during eternity never goes out, nor is it simply a glimpse. For all of eternity, the nations will be led by God’s light.

What a wonderful time we will live in when all nations yield to God and His supreme authority and sovereignty. No longer will people struggle with right and wrong, for it will all be right! Praise the Lord for His promise of eternal light!

Author: Emily Armstrong


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