Now We Can See

December 26th, 2019

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Luke 2:25-35

“Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and say ahhh.” These are words that are typically said when someone complains of a sore throat. More often than not, even with all that work, one can’t see down into the back of another’s throat without the use of a light. It’s dark and we can see something, but we can’t see anything clearly. Shine a light back there and all of the sudden we see everything!

Simeon, a man living in the power of the Holy Spirit, encounters Jesus when He is still a newborn. Simeon looks into His little face and recognizes the light, the same light that has illuminated his spirit and given him hope in waiting for Israel’s Messiah. He prophesies that Jesus is a “light for revelation for the Gentiles” (v. 32).

Until the moment of Christ’s birth, the Gentiles had heard stories about the powerful God of the Israelites, but they did not have access to this God. Now it’s all changed. Since Jesus came to the earth, we can now see things clearly! No longer do we have to stumble in the darkness, because the truth is bright and able to be seen.

Author: Emily Armstrong

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