All Day Long

December 25th, 2019

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Isaiah 60:16-22

Isaiah the prophet paints a picture of what eternity will be like with God: expensive materials are in such abundance that they will be used instead of wood and stone (v. 17), our protection of walls and gates are the abstract concepts of Salvation and Praise (v. 18) and the Lord will be the everlasting light (v. 19). This is the Old Testament version of what we see written in Revelation 21.

What is most impressive about this passage is that God is the source of eternal light: a light that will never go out. God cannot be turned off like a lamp. God cannot move so far away as to not give light to all who are in God’s presence. It is a concept that we have never lived in during our human lifetime, and it’s hard for us to fully capture with our minds. Our current rhythms revolve around waking and sleeping, day and night. We have to take a break to recharge every day, however, eternity with God is only day, only light! All day and no night allows us to participate in ongoing praise to God.

Author: Emily Armstrong


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