Away From The Noise

December 15th, 2019

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Psalm 80:8-19

I have the privilege of teaching university students who are preparing for vocational ministry. One significant topic I feel that we cannot over emphasize is the importance of creating space for the restorative work of the Creator. This space is necessary for a healthy relationship with God and others. Instead of embracing this space, we are tempted to fill every moment of every day with voices, printed words, screens, music, people, and places. We do this so much that we do not always make ourselves available to simply be in the presence of the One who restores.

Families are busy—even maxed out. Children are stressed by their schedules and expectations. Our society is driven by busyness. In some crazy way, it seems that we have allowed this to communicate value and importance.

As we pray for restoration, may we find courage and wisdom to create space to be still and make way for the face of God to shine on us.

Author: Margaret Tyler


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