Blessed Are The Pure

December 2nd, 2019

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Zephaniah 3:9-13

God told the prophet Zephaniah, “I will purify the lips of the peoples.” The children of Israel would have understood the word “lips” to mean speech. Essentially God promised to purify their hearts which would lead to purified language. What does that look like?

First, purified people will call on God’s name and serve together. Impure speech, on the other hand, leads to separation rather than partnership.

Second, pure speech is meek and humble. Those two words are often misunderstood as weakness. However, the meek and humble will trust in God. They will live upright lives and only speak honestly. This requires courage and strength.

May we turn to God, asking for pure hearts and clean lips. May we have the strength and courage to silence the words that would divide and to resist the urge to bend the truth to our own purposes. May our words be God’s blessing in a hurting world.

Author: Judith A. Schwanz


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