Not About You

November 12th, 2019

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Luke 10:13-24

When we do the work of God and share the word of the God, it can feel like we are laying something personally on the line. When we have the chance to share the good news of God, it can feel like we’re setting a part of ourselves out as well. A person’s receptivity to the message can feel like the delight of personal success. Each rejection might feel like a personal failure.

Those feelings reveal how deeply important God is to us, but acceptance or rejection is not about us. Without God’s prompting, and without the activity of Divine grace, we would never yearn for God, and we would never have any understanding of our need for grace and salvation.

Someone’s acceptance or rejection is essentially an activity between the person and God. If they accept Christ, it is because they accept God, not us. If they reject the message and mission, then they are rejecting God, not us, our presentation, or our love of God.

Author: Michael Fraley


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