The Great Power of God

October 8th, 2019

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Acts 8:9-17

Simon was a great sorcerer who mesmerized the entire town for some time. He even had a nickname, “The Great Power of God.” It’s no wonder that Simon was quite full of himself, boasting all the time that he was someone great.

But then Philip came to town carrying with him the message of Jesus. The fruit of people being delivered from sin and sickness also came with him. All sorts of people who witnessed these things gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized . . . including Simon the Sorcerer.

Simon was so impressed with the things Philip was doing, he followed him all over the place.

We’re told that as he followed, he was “astonished by the signs and great miracles he saw” (v. 13). Who wouldn’t be! But we’re left to wonder about his sincerity. Was it about being in right relationship with God for him? Or was it about trying to gain some new powers?

There’s really no place for a self-centered future with God. That “self-centered-ness” is the very kind of thing Jesus came to deliver us from.

Author: Erik Gernand


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