Carry Jesus With You

October 7th, 2019

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Acts 8:1-8

“Look now, nobody wants trouble.”

It’s a line belongs in an old Western flick just before the gun fighting erupts. It’s also a line that describes our general disposition towards difficulty. We avoid it whenever we can. Nobody looks for suffering.

However, in Acts 8, we are reminded of one of the many good things God can do through situations we would have rather avoided. In this instance, the church is undergoing severe persecution. Stephen has been martyred and Saul is chasing down believers, leading them to scatter all over. Nobody wanted this trouble.

When they scatter, these Christians carry with them the good news of God reconciling the world to himself in Christ. Everywhere they go, the news of Jesus goes with them. Out of the worst circumstances, the most severe persecution, God can bring fruit.

Perhaps there’s an issue in your life that feels like trouble. Remember that even in difficult times. If you carry Jesus with you, fruit is never far behind.

Author: Erik Gernand


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