Well Known

September 26th, 2019

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Acts 19:11-20

God performed unheard-of miracles through Paul by healing and exorcising afflicted persons when they simply touched cloth that had made contact with Paul’s skin. These baffling events caught the attention of traveling Jewish exorcists, seven sons of Sceva. Apparently knowing they had no power of their own to cast out spirits, they used the name of Jesus through Paul to cast out an evil spirit. Without the Holy Spirit at work through them, they called on the Holy Spirit in someone else, Paul, who was not present with the seven sons either. When the evil spirits claim to not know them, and their trade is exorcism, the truth unravels the hidden deception. The attack of brutal power on the seven sons left them wounded and deeply humiliated.

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is holy love and power that is limitless, indwelling, and healing in the powerful name of Jesus.
Are you well known because of the Holy Spirit through you?

Author: Kim Purl


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