Keep On Being Confident

September 21st, 2019

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Hebrews 10:26-36

It’s one thing to muster up the courage to act confidently in a moment. It’s another thing to sustain that kind of courageous living over time.

Toward the end of Hebrews 10, we are reminded of the importance of sustained confidence in God. There will be a temptation, when things are difficult, to shrink back. We are told, however, God takes no pleasure in that way of life. Instead, we’re reminded of the importance of persevering so that, when the time comes, we’ll receive what God has promised to us (see Hebrews 10:36-39)

He reminds us to look ahead, remember what God has promised, because God can be trusted to keep God’s promises. While we might not be able to see how these promises will ultimately be fulfilled, we are invited to trust in the faithfulness of God, who has always been more than capable of seeing His people through (read Hebrews 11 for some great examples).

Hang on to the confidence you have in God today. Spend a moment to be thankful for the sure and certain reward that is waiting for those who persevere to the end.

Author: Erik Gernand

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