A Place of Refuge

September 1st, 2019

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Psalm 143:1-12

David spent a good deal of time running and hiding from King Saul. One of his most reliable places of refuge was in the Judean wilderness. This barren territory was largely unoccupied.

In the Lord David found a refuge for his soul. Not all of his challenges were geographical. The biggest were spiritual. A life on the run quickly drains the human spirit. One thing about a life spent in hiding: there is plenty of time to give to prayer and meditation. Here David found assurance and relief. In response, the Lord provided protection and direction.

For us, as well as David, it is in our times of soul draining fear that we can learn the full meaning of God’s unfailing love. Our own spiritual wilderness experiences can bring clear focus to the importance of prayer and close fellowship with God. It is there we learn His will is best. In the chaos and jumble of the wilderness refuge we can learn how the Lord’s good Spirit will lead us eventually to level ground.

Author: Duane Brush


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