A Life Worth Living

June 30th, 2019

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Psalm 16:1-11

In high school I worked at an outdoor drama theater located in Grandview National Park, West Virginia. The park is known for its amazing beauty. It sits 1,400 feet over the New River Gorge and is filled with caves, caverns, hiking trails, and one of the largest rhododendron gardens in the United States.

One summer night the play was cancelled due to storms, so a group of us headed down to the main overlook to watch. Quietly, almost reverently, we journeyed the long stone path to the overlook. I was overwhelmed by the power and presence of God. Reaching the overlook I shook as thunder clapped and watched in awe as the skies filled with lightning.

David was confident in the power and the presence of God. He knew that no matter what he faced, God would not leave him. In the midst of the treacherous storms of life, David continued to look to God for direction. Following God may not always be easy, life maybe filled with storms, but in the end there is no greater joy than living in the presence of our God.

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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