Patience and Perseverance

May 26th, 2019

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James 5:7-16

Waiting. Waiting in line. Waiting for test results. Life demands a lot of waiting. In the midst of waiting, however, we are given this admonishment in verse 7: be patient. Our attention is directed to the farmer. Like the farmer, we must wait. The farmer tills the soil, plants the seed, waters, weeds the field, and labors tirelessly before any harvest is produced. The harvest takes months to come to fruition, all the while patience and perseverance are necessary.

Countless times in life, perhaps today in your life, in fact, patience is required. As hard as it may be, let’s practice patience. We can discover that even in the waiting, God is at work in our lives. His Holy Spirit can move and is present even in the waiting. During these moments of waiting, we can stand firm and place our hope in the One who is full of compassion and mercy. Allow God’s compassion and mercy to flood over you this day, in the midst of your life situation.

Author: Mindy Alsworth


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