Church: Body of Christ

May 5th, 2019

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1 Corinthians 10:14-24

Have you seen the movie Spiderman, the one with the Sandman in it? In a few scenes you see the scattered parts of sand come together to form the Sandman. When the sand is scattered the Sandman isn’t really much of a threat. However, as the sand forms one body, the Sandman’s power is revealed.

Individual Christians are the various parts that make up the Body of Christ. Unlike the Sandman, we are united and one Body with many parts. Although we may be scattered, we are still one. When the many parts of the Body work together to love God and serve others, our power is revealed.

When we are baptized into the Body of Christ, we become one with the body and we have the unique responsibility to share life with the other parts of the Body. When someone in the Body weeps, we cry with them. If they are joyous, we laugh along side of them. As one Body, we choose love, peace, reconciliation, restoration, and faithfulness. Unity is our super power. We belong to each other.

Author: Amy Scarlett


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