Seek The Good Of Others

May 4th, 2019

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1 Corinthians 10:14-24

At our church we have a teenager who is allergic to peanuts. He understands that contact with peanut residue could end his life. As a church we do what we can to ensure that all food items arrive with labels and avoid peanuts in general. Peanuts are a danger to this member of the Body.

Paul is calling the Church to look around and be aware of potential dangers to the Body of Christ. Just because you are able to do something doesn’t mean you should. If we are aware of another person’s temptation, we can work to help them overcome it and not be a stumbling block to it. The key to overcoming temptation is to deal with it, name it, face it, and find a way to overcome it. It often takes many to help someone overcome temptation.

Let us work to help our brothers and sisters overcome. That may mean you make healthy food choices, join an exercise class, or refrain from going on a shopping trip. Whatever you find to be the temptations your Body faces, choose not to be an enabler; be an overcomer!

Author: Amy Scarlett


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