We Become Like Jesus

April 20th, 2019

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1 John 4:7-21

WWJD What would Jesus do? When I was in high school, many Christians wore bracelets that had the acronym WWJD on them. It was designed to be a constant reminder to live like Jesus. Over the years I’ve heard people ask WWJD, not sure what the answer really was. I’ve come to believe that in every situation, in every instance, in every moment, no matter what, Jesus would love!

When Jesus faced the tax collector, he chose love. When Jesus met the woman at the well, he chose love. Even in his anger at the temple, love motivated him. (“Zeal for your house consumes me” Psalm 69:9). Jesus loves us so much that he chose not to fight his enemies, he allowed them to mock him and beat him, and ultimately put him to death.

What about the murderer, the gunman, the abusive police officer, the politician on the left, the politician on the right. Do we choose love in dealing with them? Love made complete in us is our transformation into the very image of God, who is love.

Author: Amy Scarlett


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