New Birth, Living Hope

April 13th, 2019

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1 Peter 1:1-9

It is easy to think about new birth around Easter. In the Northern Hemisphere it is spring. New life is bursting forth all around. Trees are blossoming; flowers are blooming. It is a time of natural renewal. New life is all around.

But sometimes even in the spring, it is hard to think about new life. Anxiety, depression, and just the worries and cares of this world can burden us to the point that we feel we are in perpetual winter. We wonder if there is really the possibility of new life.

For those who have experience these emotions the greatest part of 1 Peter 1 is not just the new birth, but the promise of new birth into a living hope! New birth alone is like a baby born and then abandoned on the doorstep of a church. But new birth into a living hope is like a baby born to loving, supportive parents.

God is our loving supportive parent. He doesn’t just give us new birth, but places his infant children into a living hope: a hope that grows and develops with us as we face all that this life throws at us. Praise be to God!

Author: L.M.A.


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