Redemption Is For Everyone

April 5th, 2019

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Romans 3:21-31

As long as we indulge the popular notion that sin is just a synonym for mistakes or missteps everyone makes at one time or another, most folks will readily admit to being sinners. When the full range of consequences of sin is understood, however, many of us fall back on the tired refrain, “Well, I’m not much worse than anyone else;” as though this mea culpa, absolves us of responsibility.

Let’s be clear: sin isn’t just “missing the mark,” it is unimaginable failure that results in unthinkable disaster. Unless this condition is remedied in this life, the consequences cannot be reversed. And it is at this significant point, that the Good News of Jesus makes its wildest claim: He erases the charges against us, releasing us from the consequences of sin. The word “redemption,” literally means the debt which we cannot pay has been erased by the ransom made by Jesus for us sinners.

Author: David Felter


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