In Christ We’re Redeemed

April 3rd, 2019

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John 6:25-33

If you read through the Gospel of John, you will be amazed at the difficulty Jesus had trying to get people to simply believe in Him. It wasn’t like He was trying to enlist them to mount a guerrilla campaign against the Roman army. He was offering them eternal life, forgiveness of sins, and reconciliation with the Father.

Perhaps too many of Jesus’ audience were dealing with mixed expectations. Perhaps it would have been easier to recruit followers to the concrete specifics of cloak and dagger adventures or, even to the icy isolation of recluses awaiting Armageddon.

Jesus proved himself the genuine article. Eschewing both political intrigue and the isolation of the privileged awaiting separation from here-and-now, Jesus simply preached good news.

I won’t assume because you are reading this, that you have made that choice. I invite you to abandon false hopes and misinformed opinions. Simply believe that Jesus lived, died, and arose for you. Experience the miracle of the new life!

Author: David Felter


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