In It Together

March 3rd, 2019

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Philemon 1:12-20

When I was a teenager, our family was traveling throughout the United States sharing with churches what God was doing through us on the mission field. I can remember having car problems near a small town in Kansas on our way to visit family in Oklahoma. We didn’t know anyone and this was before the days of cell phones and Internet searches. My parents had the idea of limping along to a church in that small Kansas town. I can still remember feeling so embarrassed and awkward about my parents just showing up and asking for help at a local church, but the pastor there welcomed us as “partners” in the work of the Lord. He called a mechanic to help us and we were soon on our way again.

Now as an adult, I’ve joked with my husband that we don’t have to worry as long as we can find one of our churches. While this might not always be true, we have found grace and comfort and care over and over as people have welcomed us as “partners” in God’s work. What a blessing!

Author: L.M.A.

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