Christ’s Body

March 2nd, 2019

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Colossians 1:21—2:5

Growing up as a child in a large missionary community, I can remember missionaries joking about how we “suffered for Jesus.” It was a joke because most of the missionaries I knew growing up felt that their lives were much better and easier than those called to serve the Lord in their home countries.

Now as an adult, I often have had people in churches from my home country comment about how our family is “suffering for Jesus.” While I don’t deny that there are times of hardship, overall most missionaries today don’t suffer in the ways that Paul suffered. We may be inconvenienced. We may be uncomfortable, but to truly suffer for Christ’s Body is unfamiliar to most believers.

Paul rejoiced that he was able to suffer for the sake of Christ’s Body, the Church. We must not forget that there are those throughout the world, who are truly physically suffering. It should humble us to know that they do it willingly and rejoice at the opportunity to suffer for Christ’s Body, the Church.

Author: L.M.A.

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