Thank You

February 2nd, 2019

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Philippians 1:1-14

The Scriptures are filled with directives for righteous behavior and cautions against foolish behaviors. This is especially true in Paul’s letters to the Early Church. He only has a brief letter to direct a given church’s ministry for the years ahead. What a breath of fresh air when Paul simply says, “thank you!”

Church services are often filled with encouragements from the leaders to volunteer at the next event, to make one more financial sacrifice, and to preserve high moral practices. It is always a refreshing service when the pastor takes a break from the usual solicitation meant to recognize the service that has already been given.

Your commitment to the Body of Christ worshipping in your local church is important! Each member is necessary for the ongoing ministries of the church. When members need assistance, others come alongside to lift them up and sing praises on their behalf. Together praise is lifted to God and the ongoing evangelization of the world is made possible.

“May your love abound more and more.”

Author: Timothy George


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