True or False

March 11th, 2018

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Proverbs 22:17-29

Perhaps you have heard the comment, “I saw it on the internet so that must make it true!” Or, maybe you have seen an article or email that you thought was true, only to find out it was a scam. Have you ever received a phone call warning you that your account has been hacked or that you won a trip to a tropical paradise? What is true? What is a lie? How can we tell the difference?

We are constantly receiving messages, and we are constantly challenged to consider them for accuracy and truth. Just because the words were spoken or written down, on the internet, radio, or television, we ca not always take them as truth. Instead of taking everything at face value, we must look to other methods to determine what is true.

Proverbs 22 are words from Solomon’s teacher reminding him that being open to instruction and teaching from the Lord is the way to find truth. We have to open our ears to learn and hear truth, and use our lips to speak the truth to others. Through wise counsel and teaching, which the Lord uses to guide, we can find the truth that we need in life.

Author: Karolyn Parsons


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