Light of Righteousness

March 10th, 2018

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Proverbs 13:1-10

The biblical writer’s words “snuffed out” stand out. To be snuffed out means to be extinguished or smothered, nothing left. The words remind me of several cave tours that I have done with my adventure-seeking son. Caves are inherently dark. Some caves had lights which could be turned on and others could only be seen by flashlight. Inevitably, somewhere along the tour, we would be told it was time for “total darkness.” All lights would be shut off, all cell phones and cameras were to be hidden, and we were to experience what it would be like without any kind of light at all. It was always so dark that you could not even see your hand in front of your face!

When we say the lamp of the wicked will be snuffed out, I think of this kind of total darkness. The light of the righteous is the light of God shining through faithful people to illuminate the power of God at work among us. God’s light brings life, hope, love, and power to the world around us. The light of the righteous outshines the darkness of the wicked.

Author: Karolyn Parsons


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