Who Do You Call?

October 22nd, 2017

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Psalm 118:1-14

I had a fitness test several years ago. I soon knew I was out of shape. My strength and durability were just a fabrication of my brain. Strength training is an important part of exercise. I am not an expert, but I know that the core muscles of the body are important, not only to balance, but also for overall strength. For the body to function well, the core muscles have to be toned.

Scripture has core ideas. In Psalm 118:14, I like the words “strength” and “defense.” Words of power! Yet, the core idea is not brute power or strong fortresses; it is more about “who” is our stronghold. The Lord is our strength. The Lord is our defense.

This can be hard to grasp; our default action is to fight and be defensive. In a life crisis we are humbled; we remember that “in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). If you have not reached that point, you will. One day your strength will be exhausted. In that moment, call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Joel 2:32).

Author: Jonathan Trees

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