Take The Leap

October 21st, 2017

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Psalm 37:1-11

My college friend Ed talked me into standing on the edge of Percy Priest Cliff. Then he convinced me to jump into the water below. It seemed like it took 10 minutes to decide to jump off perfectly safe ground. Once committed, there was no going back. Making the jump was tough. I closed my eyes and dedicated the next few seconds to a free fall into the deep reservoir. I only took the leap one time.

“Do not fear.” Those are rare words these days. It seems we need to fear everything. Businesses even make money on our fears. What if I don’t have the perfect clothes? How will we make the house payment? What if I lose my job? Am I truly safe? What if the stock market crashes again? Fear, then worry, then fear: It is a vicious cycle that eats away at our ability to enjoy life.

The central thought of Psalm 37 is that we must commit ourselves totally to God. To commit, you must believe in something. Fear will always be a part of our lives until we trust, commit, and wait patiently on God.

Author: Jonathan Trees

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