The Real Aliens

August 15th, 2017

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Deuteronomy 10:12-22

The word alien in any culture generally carries a negative meaning. A good working definition of an alien is someone who is not part of “us.” Whether it is a child left out of a play group, or a college student whose secrets keep them away from others, or someone at work whose social skills make them awkward to be around, we are surrounded by those who may not appear to be part of “us.” Maybe, you have once felt like you were on the outside looking in!

In typical fashion, the Christian life looks at social barriers and cultural standards through a lens of grace and mercy. In a very real way, the true “aliens” are those people who look for ways to separate themselves from others or think they are better than others. As believers, we are called to seek out those who are left out by others and become their defenders, to put ourselves before them. We are called to love those who are outcast and lost amongst us. Christ came “down” to us and loved us. He humbled Himself for us. How can we do any less?

Author: Douglas E. McClure


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