Carry On Jesus’ Teachings

July 16th, 2017

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Matthew 28:8-20

As we come to the end of Matthew’s Gospel, the last words of Jesus are left ringing in our ears. We cannot escape them. We cannot hide from them. We cannot wish them away. Jesus has given a command to his disciples, and we are all included.

If we claim that we are disciples of Jesus, we must take these words to heart. Jesus tells us to GO. “Go where?” we may ask. Go anywhere that there are people who have not yet heard the good news of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. For some, that command to “Go” may mean going half way around the world. It may include answering a missionary call and learning a new language and culture. For others, the command to “go” may take them across the country. Some may hear and end up going across town. And others may only go to the neighbor next door. This command to go and make disciples is not just for missionaries, or for pastors. This command to “Go” is for every disciple of Jesus. We cannot keep Jesus to ourselves. We must share Jesus with others. Therefore, go and make other disciples for Jesus!

Author: David Restrick


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