Fruit Tells All

July 15th, 2017

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Matthew 3:1-12

Fruit trees are prolific in Mozambique where my wife and I served as missionaries. Among the varieties of fruit trees were mango trees, tangerine trees, and one of our favorites, cashew trees! Many of these trees, in addition to producing fruit, also produced great shade that was useful for resting and relaxing and conversing with one’s friends. Many even served as “churches.” On one occasion during a trip into the rural areas of the country, we came upon an ugly sight: a large number of cashew trees had been cut down, allowed to dry and burned. All that was left was ash and the smoldering remains of thick trunks and long branches. Upon inquiring as to the reason, the answer was simple: the trees were no longer bearing fruit. The trees were meant to bear fruit. If they did not, they were of no use.

John the Baptist preached that message to the people of his day, and he preaches it to us. If we claim that we are followers of Jesus, the actions of our lives must agree with our words. We must bear the fruit of Christlikeness.

Author: David Restrick


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