When God Turns The Tables

May 13th, 2017

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Esther 8:11-17

What a relief! The annihilation decree crafted by Haman was countered with another decree by King Xerxes. Both became effective on the same day. The Jews were allowed to assemble, arm, and defend themselves. The celebration and joy the Jews experienced was not simply because King Xerxes had protected them from harm, rather it was because God had turned the tables in their favor! The battle ahead would not be easy; they had to defend themselves against their enemies. They took up the familiar theme of God’s deliverance that had once been sung over and over again by their ancestors as they battled to occupy the Promised Land. This song of deliverance was now being sung by a new generation, as God’s people were once again being delivered by His promise.

No matter who is the author of the annihilation edict against us, no matter the area of life affected by the battle, the good news is that God always brings us through it!

Author: John Trotter

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