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May 12th, 2017

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Esther 8:1-10

Haman’s planning, position, and power were formidable. Having been promoted over all the other nobles, Haman seemingly held the keys to Xerxes’ vast kingdom. However, skillfully hidden behind all Haman’s accolades was a fatal flaw–pride. In the end Haman lost his influence with the king along with his life, all because his pride claimed a higher priority, foiling his planning, position, and power. Pride is like that, denying or delaying truth, it ultimately breaks, revealing as hollow its promises to reign supreme.

Queen Esther’s willingness to approach the king and advocate for her people was “crazy bold.” She risked her life and pleaded her case before the king. Esther’s influence grew, ultimately saving the Jewish people from annihilation. Her plan, in contrast to Haman’s, was not based on a power play. Rather, she made a humble appeal for the king to see the truth.

As believers we should view our role as stewards of the opportunities God brings our way.

Author: John Trotter


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