A Selfless Spirit

April 17th, 2017

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Ruth 1:1-14

Naomi felt hopeless and alone due to the deaths of her husband and two sons. She felt that the Lord’s hand was turned against her. This hopelessness led to a loss of faith in her only true Redeemer. Yet God had a plan for her and was already putting the people into place to restore her.

Naomi wanted to send her two daughters-in-law away, so they could remarry and be cared for. Ruth, one of her daughters-in-law, refused to leave her. Ruth clung to Naomi. Ruth had a selfless spirit. Ruth was willing to give up her former life for Naomi.

Have we felt hopeless and alone? Have we been sure that the Lord’s hand was against us? Maybe we have forgotten that we have a Savior who has a selfless spirit.

When we travel with Jesus, we will never be hopeless or alone, even if sometimes we feel that way. God has already put the people in place to encourage us to hope; He will refresh our spirits and lead us to a place of restoration. Through it all, He will never leave our side.

Author: John E. Miller


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