Filled With What?

March 23rd, 2017

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Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60

Stephen did not live a very long life compared to many other prominent people in the Bible. He was not an apostle, yet he was a man filled with all the right ingredients. What are we filled with? Today, let’s compare the ingredients that fill our lives with those of Stephen’s.

First, we read in Acts 6:8 that he was a man full of God’s grace. Grace is the goodness of God inhabiting a person and that person living it out in their daily life. Are you filled with God’s grace?

Second, the same verse tells us that he was full of power, divine power. This power cannot be purchased by earthly means, yet it’s available to every believer. Are you filled with God’s power?

Third, Acts 7:55 informs us that Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit. This was the source of Stephen’s courage. Are you filled with the Spirit?

Finally, we read in Acts 7:60 that Stephen was filled with forgiveness. Are you filled with forgiveness? What ingredients fill your cup today?

Author: Ann Hallyburton


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