The Domino Effect

February 25th, 2017

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Philemon 1:1-11

We can all think of that special person who made a lasting impression in our lives. It could be a parent, another family member, a pastor, a youth pastor, a friend, or another loved one. Regardless of who it was, we remember the content of that connection and the importance of what they poured into us. For them, it was always about giving and serving, instead of selfishly taking and serving their own desires.

In our interactions with others, we have the opportunity to be givers or takers. We can be people of influence who are living for something more important, or we can be self-centered in our approach to life and relationships with other people. When it comes to salvation and the ways of the Lord, we were always meant to serve and pass it on, never to stop with just one individual.

When we come to Jesus, we are part of something way beyond us. We join in His greater mission of reaching and rescuing those who need salvation. Let’s be part of God’s domino effect of reaching others who need salvation–just like we needed it, too.

Author: Jay Trainer



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