Heavenly Difference-Makers

February 24th, 2017

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1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

There are many things in our world that seem to provide hope and promise for the future, but, in the end, deliver very little. There might be immediate needs met, something satisfying in the short-term, but one is left longing for more. When we try to fill the void in our hearts with some pursuit other than God, inevitably, we will be disappointed.

Perhaps it is time to begin to look at the hope, meaning, and purpose only God can provide. Instead of trying to pattern ourselves after other people, perhaps it is time to surrender to the Person who already provides the example.

Jesus already set forth this model and way of life. When it comes to Christ, not only do we have His model in the Bible, but we also have His presence and power to be experienced through the Holy Spirit today! It’s not just learning about how, but staying fresh by remaining in relationship with Jesus, seeing His example in our lives.

Remain vibrant in your walk with Him and you will never miss a beat being a difference-maker for God.

Author: Jay Trainer


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