God Upholds Everyone

February 12th, 2017

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Psalm 145:13-21

Our merciful God upholds those who fall. He sees them stumble, fall short, fail miserably, and, out of compassion, raises them up. God, whose dominion lasts through generation after generation and whose kingdom continues forever, stands ready to lift the fallen and bruised.

Moreover, He is trustworthy; in His promises, He is faithful. He is righteous. He is near to the ones who call on Him in truth. He hears their cry and fulfills the desires of those who fear Him.

Those who love the Lord God–this One who cares deeply for His human creations–cannot help but praise Him. He is beyond imagination and beyond understanding. His love, His mercy, His grace, and His compassion boggle the mind. Finite minds struggle to adequately thank and praise God for who He is and how He changes lives.

Still, the Scriptures advise us to praise Him, to live a life of praise and thanksgiving. May this be a calling in lives of believers everywhere.

Author: Edith Miller


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