Kindness Is Rewarding

February 11th, 2017

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Proverbs 25:15-28

Enemies are hostile, antagonistic, and intent on their target’s harm. Their destructive attitudes and actions wreak havoc at every opportunity, and they delight when they bring about failure.

God calls His followers to do difficult things for their enemies: Give them food to nourish their famished bodies, sustaining their lives even when they continue to mistreat and injure. And there’s more–if your enemies are thirsty, give them water.

Consider an enemy intent on harming you–or even a lesser enemy, like that rude neighbor who won’t speak to you, that coworker intent on making you look bad, even that person at church bent on belittling you. For what do these people hunger? Perhaps acceptance, forgiveness, friendship, or love? Perhaps their spirits have wilted from bad life experiences and poor choices. They are hungry. Their souls are parched and desert-dry; they attempt anything to satisfy their nagging thirst.

Our enemies are dying for want of what Jesus gives.

Author: Edith Miller


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