Open To A New Call

February 9th, 2017

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Ephesians 3:1-13

Paul, a scholarly Jew and strict Pharisee, zealously and devotedly searched out and persecuted Christian believers. Then one day, while traveling to Damascus, Paul unexpectedly met Jesus. Bright light and Jesus’ voice intervened. Abruptly, Paul’s passion, direction, and goals changed from persecuting to preaching.

Likewise, God’s call comes today to those who have plans, long-term goals. Folks happy in their life situations with their future all mapped out. Then with no warning, the still small voice of the Holy Spirit whispers, “Help wanted.” He calls to a new direction.

Reasons parade through the mind as to why this wouldn’t work, until the realization dawns that God uses one’s distinct background, personality, and life experience to develop a usable vessel for His new call. His almighty power, combined with one’s willingness and availability, makes it possible to say yes to the call.

Author: Edith Miller


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