Jesus Brings Peace

February 8th, 2017

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Ephesians 2:11-22

A church congregation fell on difficult times and found itself struggling. Membership and finances declined significantly. Needed repairs went undone. A troubled economy hindered sale of the property. The pastor resigned; a new one arrived. Still, the faithful few continued meeting in the spacious sanctuary, praying for divine intervention. Praying until one day, unexpectedly, a man stopped at the church office and asked if they had any interest in selling their building.

The pastor and remnant then joined a flourishing sister church and together the two churches formed a partnership to spread the gospel. Issues arose that first year–difficult issues, personal preferences, ways of doing things, leadership styles–as the two separate groups found their way to becoming a unified, thriving whole.

There are often difficulties in reaching unity and peace in life’s journey. However, One stands ready to be our peace. He who provided a way for the Jews and Gentiles to be one stands ready to usher in peace today.

Author: Edith Miller

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