He Promised Rest

January 7th, 2017

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Isaiah 63:7-16

The new year is a good time to rehearse the kindness of a promise-keeping God. Without this review, it is easy to take God and His provisions for granted. Even the people of Israel, who had a gratitude list that included a way through the Red Sea, guidance through the wilderness, water for thirst, manna for hunger, and victory against enemies didn’t always live in gratitude.

Don’t miss the picture that Isaiah shares as he compares the plight of the Israelites in Egypt to the fenced captivity of wild horses or cattle kept too long on barren hills. Returning wild horses to open space and giving cattle a lush pasture is what God did for the Israelites when He freed them for the Promised Land. He provided what they were created to enjoy.

Where do you need to review the kindness of God in your life before you start another year? Where did He provide what you could not provide for yourself? The same God who protected you from behind, led you forward, became your road, and hovered close enough to know your every thought–that same God will bring you rest. It’s what He promised.

Author: Debbie Goodwin


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