Gifts That Keep On Giving

December 24th, 2016

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1 Chronicles 21:17-26

We often give gifts on Christmas Eve. God gave us the greatest gift when He sent His Son to be born as a baby, knowing that Jesus would become the ultimate offering, giving His life for our sins. What a costly gift for our redemption!

In 1 Chronicles 21, we read where King David made sacrifices. God was angry with David for taking a census of Israel’s fighting men. Whatever David’s motive may have been, the old adversary, Satan, was behind it (v. 1). David wanted to repent, so he asked a landowner, Araunah, to let him purchase a piece of land to build an altar. Araunah tried to give it to David for free, but David refused. He did not want to make a sacrifice that cost him nothing.

This Christmas Eve, what gift might you give to show Jesus He is your one and only King? Maybe a commitment of service to others, or giving more resources to a cause He places on your heart? Whatever your gift, make sure it costs you something. Show your love to your one and only King.

Author: Darlene Harvey

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