Choose Whom You Will Serve

December 23rd, 2016

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Joshua 24:1-7, 14-16

In Joshua 24, God told Joshua to relate a brief history of Israel, how the people who lived before Abraham worshiped other gods “beyond the Euphrates River.” God brought Abraham out of that land into Canaan, giving him many descendants. God brought them out of slavery in Egypt, covering Pharaoh’s pursuing chariots and horsemen with the waters of the sea. God brought them into the land He had promised Abraham so many years before, driving out their enemies before them. God instructed the Israelites to fear Him and serve Him with faithfulness, throwing away their false gods. Joshua then directed the people to choose if they would serve the one and only King.

What has that King delivered you or your family from? What was “beyond the river” for you? For Darlene, deliverance has included infertility and then adoption to build a beautiful family, her husband being healed from cancer, healing and forgiveness after her dad’s murder, and freedom from worry. I want to respond by telling my King that I, along with my household, will serve Him.

Author: Darlene Harvey


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