He Caught God’s Attention

December 6th, 2016

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Genesis 6:1-9

I wish you could have known one of my staff, Nita, who worked in a large state university. As I read the attributes of Noah, I immediately thought of Nita. She treated people with integrity–yes, even the stressed-out students and the always-in-a-hurry faculty. I never heard one negative word about, or from, Nita. Her quiet Christlike values reflected in all she did. Perhaps it also helped that she was a pastor’s wife.

God had really had it with all humanity. Evil, evil, everywhere. These were the worst of times. It is absolutely shocking to read, “[God] was heartbroken” (v. 6, GW). God came to the end of His rope and took extreme measures to do away with all He had created.

Noah, known as a preacher of righteousness, was to carry out the judgment prediction of his father, Lamech (5:29). Noah was described as the only good man of his time. He demonstrated integrity in his community, and he lived in fellowship with God all his life. Noah had sterling credentials. He was going to need them.

Author: Pat Kissell

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