Adam’s CPR

December 5th, 2016

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Genesis 1:26—2:7

I was eating in a crowded upscale restaurant in Montreal when a man several tables away began choking on his food. When it became apparent he was in respiratory distress, I knew he needed the Heimlich maneuver. I approached the man, but was bodily blocked by his hysterical wife who was yelling, “George, speak to me, speak to me.”

There are 79 references in the Old Testament to breath/breathing with 16 of these in Genesis. The title “LORD God” is a combination of Yahweh, God’s proper name, and the generic Elohim, for God as Creator.

Adam was formed from dust, but he wasn’t breathing until God put air in his lungs. He had to take that first breath just like every baby born. In the delivery room there is a sense of anxious anticipation until that first breath is heard. Then you hear the loud welcomed cry.

So God really invented CPR! It took us a long time to discover it. By the way, George survived in spite of his wife!

Author: Pat Kissell

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