Lament Leading To Life

November 3rd, 2016

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Lamentations 3:1-3. 13-24

We have probably all experienced the pain of discipline from those who love us–our parents, teachers, maybe even our boss. Consequences can be painful, and the regret of our decisions can weigh heavy. But wisdom is gained from these teachable moments in our life.

God often takes us through this same process of discipline–consequences in the context of love. In the midst of our suffering, we also experience the mercy of our wonderful Lord and Savior. When regret threatens to overwhelm us, God steps in and we experience a moment of hope.

Sometimes our present suffering seems more real than the hope of our salvation. During these times, lament can be a very helpful form of prayer. Do you make room for lament in your prayer life? Lament followed by praise and surrender clears the heart and positions us to receive what we need for today and perhaps for a breakthrough.

Author: Scott & Sherry Sherwood

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