Truly Blessed

October 14th, 2016

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Romans 4:1-11

I love to hear stories of those who have done mighty works for God. Billy Graham is one of the most significant Christian figures of our generation. Countless numbers of people have become Christians in part because of his crusades.

I also love to hear the great triumphs made on the mission field where people have given their entire lives to bring the Christian message to people of all nations. It seems to me these types of individuals are supremely blessed.

Romans 4 puts this blessing into proper focus. We are all blessed simply because Jesus’ sacrifice for us is personal and real. It is not what we do that makes us blessed. It’s the offering made by God to us that makes us blessed.

Those who do such wonderful works for Christ do them because they have been blessed and want to share the blessing with others. We can never earn this blessing with our works; we do good works because we are blessed.

Wherever you are today, stop and take a moment and realize how blessed you are.

Author: Gary Huff


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