Know What You Don’t Know

October 13th, 2016

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Isaiah 55:6-13

Most Christians will deal with an unanswerable question at some point in their walk with God. Why did a small child die? Why was a baby born with a deformity? Why was a teen taken in a car accident while the heavily-intoxicated driver of the other vehicle walked away? Why did a mom with four young children to raise lose her battle with cancer?

We try to give some form of an answer to those who ask, as if we need to explain why things happen simply because we believe in God. The truest answer we can give is simply: “I don’t know.” We can give endless suppositions, but that is all they are. Does God allow it or cause it? We need to step back and remember that God isn’t simply playing chess with people as His pawns.

Our understanding of and about God is limited. God sees things differently than we do–we can’t see from His perspective, but we are assured that God knows what He is doing. We must find solace in holding on to this truth.

Author: Gary Huff

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