Wisdom Knows

September 25th, 2016

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Psalm 20:1-9

We often hear people talk about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. The best definition I have heard recently is: “Knowledge knows that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom understands that it doesn’t belong in a fruit salad.”

David, God’s anointed king, wrote, “Now this I know” (Psalm 20:6). We gain knowledge in many ways: reading, listening, researching, and doing. We gain wisdom by using that knowledge in different situations. David’s understanding came from his relationship with God; how the Lord guided this understanding is what gave David wisdom to rule well.

As we walk our journey of faith, we gain knowledge through the Word of God, prayer, and experience. This knowledge, when combined with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, produces wisdom for our journey. What we must remember is that without faith, we will not have the courage to use the wisdom we have been given.

Knowledge, wisdom, faith, and courage are all attributes of a great ruler and an even greater servant.

Author: David Middendorf

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